Hiding from developing your liveware

When studying and analysing some organisations’ approach and investment in their overall success I can’t help hearing the daunting backing music from the movie Jaws just before the shark appears to wreak havoc… Da dum…da dum… da dum… its ominous – well to some, obviously others seem completely oblivious.   Why are they oblivious? After all they’ve got the best systems, tools and technology, they’ve hired the ‘smartest’ people and have spent so much time on their strategy – why is that music still playing?? From our experience and supported by research – there are two main reasons: Miscalculating the value proposition and proper ratio ofRead More →

Learn like a sponge... Bob

Not the wet, mouldy, yucky thing under your kitchen sink, but a vehicle to absorb learning, new ideas and concepts, to soak up information wherever it can be found. Well if you want to achieve, improve and increase your self-actualisation, you should be a sponge! I’m proud to say I’ve been a lifelong sponge, yep even when I was a young jock, rocker, rev head…. nerd, and it’s helped immensely in my own learning and personal development. What Does if Take to be a Sponge? What does it take to be a Sponge? Something I believe helps not only increase your insatiable desire for knowledgeRead More →

No silver bullet - takes the three determiners

About ten years ago I was having a conversation with a colleague about training and development, in this case it was about service provision. I said something that just popped into my head, “this is not rocket science but there certainly is science to it…” He has since used a variation of this as a catch phrase in his own business, which I applaud. In the case of Leadership development we are in an era of incredible growth, new and exciting research and lots and lots of science. But what are we doing with all this science? Let us introduce you to the three determiners. ThereRead More →

attitude and aware

A cornerstone of leadership is developing respect and trust!! One aspect of this is to be self aware and socially aware enough to know how you are being received. This includes our ability to include or exclude people in our group. Some very intriguing and valuable research by Dr. Naomi Eisenburg show’s a direct correlation between physical pain and social rejection; to the brain they are the same. They also elicit the same type of responses. Are you self aware and socially aware enough to realise, see and act upon these situations when they happen? Do you sincerely show respect in all situations? Would youRead More →