Taking the piss

In such a sport minded and successful sporting nation I’ve adopted as home, Australia, I often get asked, ‘ in my opinion, what is the national sport of Australia?’ My response is not the expected, AFL (Aussie Rules Football) or rugby or cricket… it is, ‘the nationalsport of Australia is take the piss.’ It is so prevalent and widely accepted as part of the culture. Something cultural and seemingly innocuous can be a critical stake to the heart of your initiatives. I’ve been fortunate to live in Perth, Australia for the past 14 years and love it here, every thing about the experience of myRead More →

Untapped potential people skills

If you’re looking to get ahead in your professional life; get promoted, get that raise / bonus or career advancement you desire, then your opportunities will inevitably come due to you performing well in one of the three T.A.P. areas; your technical ability, your administrative prowess or your people skills. One or a combination of these, is almost always – excluding where nepotism enters the equation – the reason for your professional success and the earlier you are in your career the more likely it’ll be due to one of the first two, technical or administrative. Let’s look at each of these T.A.P. abilities objectivelyRead More →

status quo paralysis

We are intelligent, rationale beings – well most of the time. Yet wherever we look these days we see organisations ‘stuck’ in a recurring death spiral based on business philosophies and decision-making processes no longer relevant to today’s world – a veritable status quo paralysis. Everyone is familiar with the popular Einstein quote, ‘to continue to do the same thing over and over and expect different results is the definition of insanity.’ This is precisely what most organisations seem to be bound and determined to continue, again and again! The most common and repeated initiatives implemented to keep up with or overcome the ever changing businessRead More →