I contemplated, for a nano-second entitling this piece ‘Curiosity Counters Contempt in Conflict Communications’ but then thought better of it, not to mention knew I’d be struck down by the Alliteration Police! So we’ll stick to the focus topic, Open and professional dialogue. This topic has been one I’ve wanted to put out there for consideration and comment for quite awhile so here goes – and I’m done with the ‘C’ alliterations, promise. There seems to be a conspicuous lack or at least substantially diminished enthusiasm for good passionate, positive debate, or more correctly, dialogue within our organisations. Has anyone noticed this beside me? WeRead More →

Tough to be a Mentor

This post is dedicated to all my friends, colleagues and fellow trainers, coaches, mentors and teachers (heretofore to be called Guides) out there, admittedly a ‘self love, feel good about our selves’ piece. Recently I’ve embarked on a new career path and taken up the mantle you all share, and formed a training and development company. Now in this economic climate I have to say I’ve had more than a few people look at me as if I had finally lost my mind – to whom I say, there is no better time or greater need! Obviously we don’t take up this ‘calling’ without aRead More →

Comfort Zone

My Comfort Zone – A Poem Author Unknown I used to have a comfort zone where I knew I wouldn’t fail. The same four walls and busywork were really more like jail. I longed so much to do the things I’d never done before, But stayed inside my comfort zone and paced the same old floor. I said it didn’t matter that I wasn’t doing much. I said I didn’t care for things like commission checks and such. I claimed to be so busy with the things inside the zone, But deep inside I longed for something special of my own. I couldn’t let myRead More →

Talks not speeches

It ranks as one of our most feared things to do; public speaking, presenting or simply communicating with our colleagues in a group or even one on one, yet to communicate well in all its forms is a critical and essential skill to master. But what if we simply participated in talks? Everyone is pretty comfortable with that are’t they? Communication is far more complex an activity than most of us ever give consideration, there are many component elements and literally tens of thousands of tips, pointers, guides, … on how to do it well – We’ve just finished writing yet another one as a keyRead More →