White Flag Surrender people

If we polled every head of every organisation in every country in the world we’d get a remarkably common belief and understanding of one basic concept – the concept that people are the key to success. People, not technology, not finance, not strategy, not systems or products. These are all important but are all by-products of your people because they are all used or created by … your people. If you think otherwise you may as well stop reading now – and go raise your white flag – turn off the lights on your way out. Its not overly generalising to state most everyone acknowledgesRead More →

My mind works in weird – and sometimes – wonderful ways – I was laying in bed thinking about our client’s main organisational challenges and how we can help overcome them and the song ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ came into my head – for some mysterious reason the two combined and the song morphed into the Twelve ailments of busimas my real world gave to me. So since we’re in the season of giving, reflecting and sharing – here is a product of my overactive brain. So raise your voice and sing along to the tune of ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’, I am sureRead More →