About Us – Why Choose MSB Max?

Our Purpose

MSB Max has been designed to Help You… Help You.


MSB Max provides guidance and coaching delivering the solutions and methods necessary for an organisation’s people to develop usable and sustainable skills and an enhanced collaborative culture so they can generate improved productivity, profitability and performance – this is our purpose, our raison d’être!

We utilise our customised, scientifically backed, real world tested and proven programs to cultivate actual skill in key development areas. This skill mastery is our main objective – much more practical and imbedded than the short lived simply heightened awareness other training options offer. We develop this improved skill level to align and enrich your culture – they go hand in hand.

Why are we so dedicated to this pursuit? We love what we do, we’re very good at it and we have seen too many examples of people and organisations failing needlessly just for lack of proper skill based training, understanding, practice and professional guidance. Guidance we offer to     Help You… Help You.

Choose MSB Max and you are taking a huge step toward enabling and empowering your people (and You) to achieving your organisational goals. MSB Max is to your people what an outside IT Systems company is to all your computer and communications systems, what technicians and mechanics are to your plant and equipment and an accounting company to your finance – when you have challenges with performance in any of these areas you call them. When you have performance issues with your people you should call us! We can help with leadership gaps or lack of skill, lack of cohesion and cooperation within and between your areas, absence of trusting environment, lack of responsibility, ownership and commitment to your objectives, retention challenges, renewing, refocusing, aligning and getting acceptance and dedication to you vision … there is a LONG list of issues we can help you address and guide you to improve.

MSB Max Difference
(What’s in it for You?)

Skill Development

First and foremost our programs are designed to develop lasting skill rather than merely heightened awareness. Like other training companies we deliver the theory, the concepts, the methodology PLUS we guide and coach trainees on how to develop these into actual usable, practical and lasting skills. This is one of the most valuable aspect of using MSB Max, you receive skill development rather than simply ‘hit and run’ awareness development.

Real R.O.I.

Yes, MSB Max has devised a system, which will provide tangible, measureable evidence of return on your investment – no other training company will offer this system!! You get to see and prove as well as ‘feel’ you receive value for your investment.

Tailored, not off the shelf programs

Many claim this but most offer simple variations to generic products. MSB Max programs meld with your situation, we partner with you to assess, analyse and align our program precisely to your needs, situation, vision, strategic plan and people. This is how we also enhance your culture and peoples understanding while increasing your skills.

Scientifically Supported

Everything MSB Max teach and the methods we use are all completely backed up and based on documented scientific studies and research. Our methods and material are real world tested! We don’t use only one school of thought, we have studied and tested all combining what works best in the real world into our programs and philosophy and its available to you!


MSB Max programs are designed for practical development at all levels. We build the modules to be relevant to the participants at each career stage and that provides you built in solution for one of your most challenging strategic planning goals – succession planning.


If we had an incredible piece of equipment that took over 30 years to develop, gathered the best ideas in the industry and improved on them, was scientifically proven and real world tested. Would make you competitive into the future and resilient and proactive in an era of disruption. If we could customise this piece of equipment to perfectly match your current situation and procuring this piece of equipment would not only enhance but dramatically improve your performance, productivity, profitability and sustainability you’d likely be very interested in getting this piece of equipment for your organisation! In fact it’d be your highest priority.


We’re just not a tangible, touch it, kick it, read the manual piece of plant or equipment and what we do is with people who are more complex than any plant, equipment or system and less understood. Instead of equipment we are expertise. Now re-read above paragraph in this light, substituting equipment with expertise (MSB Max). Now, think about it, be wary of starting your evaluation with ‘But…’ – there is no ‘But…’!! If you want to truly improve your organisation then you have to improve your people and culture. We are the experts in this and we’re here to Help!
That’s why we exist – this is our purpose, our raison d’être– to help you… Help You!