Are you a Sponge?? …. Perhaps You Should Be!! Professional Journey Steps: step #9

Are you a Sponge?? …. Perhaps You Should Be!! Professional Journey Steps: step #9

Learn like a sponge... Bob

Not the wet, mouldy, yucky thing under your kitchen sink, but a vehicle to absorb learning, new ideas and concepts, to soak up information wherever it can be found. Well if you want to achieve, improve and increase your self-actualisation, you should be a sponge!

I’m proud to say I’ve been a lifelong sponge, yep even when I was a young jock, rocker, rev head…. nerd, and it’s helped immensely in my own learning and personal development.

What Does if Take to be a Sponge?

What does it take to be a Sponge? Something I believe helps not only increase your insatiable desire for knowledge but also enhances your ability to form relationships, gain trust in others and experience life to its fullest, in a word, courteous, sincere curiosity. Finding everything and everyone interesting, at least to some degree, I propose is a gift.

Now being a sponge isn’t without it’s challenges; you can be perceived as a general pain in the derrière because of asking unrelenting questions and of course you risk being entitled a nerd or worse. But there is a grand upside, satisfying that yearning for knowledge, the how, why… and partnered with practice (and some more practice)[1] to learn how to apply this knowledge makes you competent, even an expert or a master of some of these curiosity topics. Add in a smidge of compassion and you can even become wise,[2] if that sort of accomplishment floats your boat?

Now here are a few recommendations for would-be sponges to avoid the ‘traps for young players’. Eventually and inevitably you will get that heart-warming feeling when you read, come across or enter a discussion about a subject you know about and say to yourself, hey I know that or I do that! At this point you have a choice of just feeling some self satisfaction and affirmation for your sponge affliction or you could choose to allow ego to enter the equation and boast and lord it over others – the latter could well turn back some of the gains mentioned above not to mention could even label you a worse pain in the a&$e. If you must share your knowledge, consider coaching, training or other avenues for redistributing this knowledge, but deliver with self-confidence not conceit. To all my training friends out there, we’re worthy.

The MSB Max Professional Journey Steps Tip for this edition is:

All things considered our hypothesis is, being a sponge is a good thing, so continue your voracious reading, questions, seminar attendance even Google searches and general learning – it’ll be worth the effort. At least that is our opinion, what’s yours?

Enjoy your journey.



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