Seth Godin Status Quo

Where are you (and your organisation), what is the status of your quo? We all like to be successful in what we do and particularly what we are personally invested in such as our professional lives and organisations. To this end we plan and search for ways and methods to improve our state of affairs – our journey to success. This edition of Professional Journey Steps will provide some insight into one of the major and most common missteps we observe consistently by individuals and organisations in their ongoing quest for successful change and development. In addition to a myriad of choices, details, options, variations,Read More →


We are very proud to announce the launch of our new and unique Cultural Renewal Program. We’ve observed an enormous increase in the amount of attention and distress over disengagement and lack of commitment of employees. It is obviously a major concern for most organisations and biggest headache for Organisational Heads. Appropriately so, since this ailment leads to diminished performance, productivity & profitability (the BIG 3) as well as increased turnover, low employee satisfaction… a veritable Black Plague for organisations. To help counter this we started doing a lot of research into the causality and potential cures for this condition. Our initial intention was toRead More →

Man cogs Organism in machine

Are we producing organisations that are an organism or machine? We have been programmed for decades – over a century – on how organisations need to approach the working elements within our organisation to attain success. This thinking remains partially relevant BUT will no longer reap the best benefits and achievements in the current era. Start thinking and treating your organisation as an organism rather than a machine you’ll be well on your way to ultimate success. Your company, foundation, firm, business, corporation, enterprise, practice, association, consortium… profit or non-profit, public or private whatever you call it, whatever form – is an organism! We mustRead More →

creative-thinking innovation

Innovation, it certainly is one of the recent ‘power’ words! We hear and read a LOT about it everywhere and it is legitimate. Innovation, in this era, is one of the key ways an organisation can excel. After decades of striving for that ever-elusive Competitive Advantage through improving our quality (TQM), efficiency and production effectiveness (Six Sigma, all the lean programs)… there is a long list and it has fairly well run its course in providing results… we have come to a cross roads of such where we have to identify the next source of advantage. We learned the hard way that we needed toRead More →

Man overcome or knocking down hurdles & obstacles

For every organisation who has the foresight and understands the value proposition in undertaking what we do at MSB Max we experience dozens more who don’t seem to get the significance and practicality of what we (and so many of you out there) do – people development. Even worse, they hinder their own development buy putting up hurdles in their own way. We’ll explore a few of these obstacles. The most frustrating thing is ALL of these naysayers are otherwise intelligent, vibrant, motivated, success orientated people, yet seem hesitant even unwilling to make a commitment to what would most likely be their most high yieldRead More →


Often there is a lot of worthwhile, thought provoking insight in an otherwise whimsical quip such as a ‘light bulb joke’. Heads of organisations face the inherent elements within this particular change example every day. To put it into perspective – so you know what the hell I am talking about. It only takes one Behaviour Scientist to change a light bulb… BUT the light bulb has to really want to change. <Insert groan> You will face this dilemma all the time; How to get your people to really want to change. Our work climates, more than ever before, are ‘disruptive’ – a word banteredRead More →

White Flag Surrender people

If we polled every head of every organisation in every country in the world we’d get a remarkably common belief and understanding of one basic concept – the concept that people are the key to success. People, not technology, not finance, not strategy, not systems or products. These are all important but are all by-products of your people because they are all used or created by … your people. If you think otherwise you may as well stop reading now – and go raise your white flag – turn off the lights on your way out. Its not overly generalising to state most everyone acknowledgesRead More →

My mind works in weird – and sometimes – wonderful ways – I was laying in bed thinking about our client’s main organisational challenges and how we can help overcome them and the song ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ came into my head – for some mysterious reason the two combined and the song morphed into the Twelve ailments of busimas my real world gave to me. So since we’re in the season of giving, reflecting and sharing – here is a product of my overactive brain. So raise your voice and sing along to the tune of ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’, I am sureRead More →

Winning feeling - stanley cup

When was the last time you experienced the exhilaration of a ‘win’ in your workplace, have you experienced being part of a Winning Team? Have you ever truly felt the feeling? If you have, was it as an individual or as part of a Winning Team effort? When you can create an environment where everyone on the ‘team’ experiences that elation then you are exponentially more likely to repeat. For your organisation that translates into more productivity… profitability, for you as an individual it translates into a much more fulfilling environment where you WANT to participate and contribute. You want to experience that feeling again…Read More →


Leadership requires a lot of fundamental skills but they are all designed to do two main things, generate more leaders and generate willing followers. Because only your legion of followers will be able to attain your vision / goal – you are very unlikely to do it by yourself. Today we’ll look at things from the follower’s perspective to enhance our understanding of what it takes to be a leader. There is one main cornerstone, on which we’ll concentrate – establishing TRUST. First let’s start by clearing up a stigma about being a follower. It IS NOT an insult or putdown to be known asRead More →