White Flag Surrender people

If we polled every head of every organisation in every country in the world we’d get a remarkably common belief and understanding of one basic concept – the concept that people are the key to success. People, not technology, not finance, not strategy, not systems or products. These are all important but are all by-products of your people because they are all used or created by … your people. If you think otherwise you may as well stop reading now – and go raise your white flag – turn off the lights on your way out. Its not overly generalising to state most everyone acknowledgesRead More →

My mind works in weird – and sometimes – wonderful ways – I was laying in bed thinking about our client’s main organisational challenges and how we can help overcome them and the song ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ came into my head – for some mysterious reason the two combined and the song morphed into the Twelve ailments of busimas my real world gave to me. So since we’re in the season of giving, reflecting and sharing – here is a product of my overactive brain. So raise your voice and sing along to the tune of ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’, I am sureRead More →

Winning feeling - stanley cup

When was the last time you experienced the exhilaration of a ‘win’ in your workplace, have you experienced being part of a Winning Team? Have you ever truly felt the feeling? If you have, was it as an individual or as part of a Winning Team effort? When you can create an environment where everyone on the ‘team’ experiences that elation then you are exponentially more likely to repeat. For your organisation that translates into more productivity… profitability, for you as an individual it translates into a much more fulfilling environment where you WANT to participate and contribute. You want to experience that feeling again…Read More →


Leadership requires a lot of fundamental skills but they are all designed to do two main things, generate more leaders and generate willing followers. Because only your legion of followers will be able to attain your vision / goal – you are very unlikely to do it by yourself. Today we’ll look at things from the follower’s perspective to enhance our understanding of what it takes to be a leader. There is one main cornerstone, on which we’ll concentrate – establishing TRUST. First let’s start by clearing up a stigma about being a follower. It IS NOT an insult or putdown to be known asRead More →

Balance scale

Balance is synonymous with life in general. Nature has its own incredible balancing ability – which humans seem bound and determined to mess with. Work life balance has garnered much attention in the last couple of decades and we continue to struggle with that proper balance. But within our work environments there is also a need for balance. I’ve had an old balance scale as an ornament in my office for almost 25 years. It sits proudly on my desk and has been the subject of many a query from visitors. To me it has always represented the fact there are very few slam-dunk, blackRead More →

Last week I had an interview with Courtney Waller from Perth Corporate Videos about leadership, people development and I discussed the environment that allows people to thrive and produce, the difference between leadership and management. Please watch the interview to learn more about business leadership and how MSB Max can help you. Just click on link below Video Interview http://www.perthcorporatevideos.com.auRead More →

Learn definition

We essentially learn for two reasons; To pass a test on way to get an accreditation or To develop a new lasting skill No need to reference the thousands of papers on this subject for the next point because you can answer it yourself… which one lasts longer and has more practical advantage? Yep, the second one! So what’s the difference? For most people, learning something to pass a test will be short lived and it is cognitive only. You can no doubt think of many instances of this happening for yourself. Do you recall most of what you learned in High School, Uni /Read More →


How much flexibility and adaptability so you have a with changing yourself? When we think of change it is often associated with factors external to ourselves. However all positive evolution, be it personal or organisational will start with how you relate to the prospect of change. I recently read an article and watched a Ted talk by Dr. Steven Stein, clinical psychologist and author who specialises in emotional intelligence and the factors which make people successful in their careers. It reminded me of the importance our own adaptability and flexibility plays in any new or changing situation. When we embark on our personal and professional developmentRead More →

Murky Environment

Have you ever noticed how a fish tank can get cloudy and murky yet the fish continue to swim around as normal? Well they do until they start to float on the top upside down. This happens regularly in our work and professional environments as well? Are we guilty of being like these oblivious fish in our own work places? Engrossed on our own work, projects and personal agendas, heads down and bums up or worse, simply disengaged, our environment starts to change, usually not for the better, without us even noticing. As the old adage goes; ‘we can’t see the forest for the trees’,Read More →

I contemplated, for a nano-second entitling this piece ‘Curiosity Counters Contempt in Conflict Communications’ but then thought better of it, not to mention knew I’d be struck down by the Alliteration Police! So we’ll stick to the focus topic, Open and professional dialogue. This topic has been one I’ve wanted to put out there for consideration and comment for quite awhile so here goes – and I’m done with the ‘C’ alliterations, promise. There seems to be a conspicuous lack or at least substantially diminished enthusiasm for good passionate, positive debate, or more correctly, dialogue within our organisations. Has anyone noticed this beside me? WeRead More →