Leaders inspire

How many times during our careers have we had a great plan / strategy, not hit the mark or attain desired results? Statistically as many as 70% of managed change strategies fail and most of these plans are solid. The reason is pretty simple and incredibly all too common. In almost all cases the next steps are not properly implemented – inspire people to embrace the change, this is the Leadership function. The management elements were there but the Leadership elements were not provided the same priority and importance. As described in our previous post, ‘Management versus Leadership, do you REALLY know the difference?’, we suggested it takesRead More →

Leadership versus management difference

One of the most common things we come across in dealing with people and organisations is the fundamental misunderstanding of the difference between being a good manager and being a good leader and why the distinction is so significant and valuable. Now so there is no misunderstanding, let us state; both are critical for ultimate success but both bring, and are designed to address, quite different facets. If you think we are stating the obvious just take a few seconds to read and contemplate the next few paragraphs. we welcome your comments. What is Management? The world today is arguably the most complex and rapidly changingRead More →

‘why’ equals purpose

The best advice we can ever offer anyone in regard to motivating or inspiring a group or team, colleague or friend…. anyone, is to let them know the ‘why’ you want / need them to do something. It is without a doubt, in our experience, the most powerful tool you can use because it gives purpose for action. Let’s use a professional team scenario as an example: You need to get the team to follow a new strategy or initiative so you outline the how, that is self-evident. However without the ‘WHY’ your results will never get to your desired level. The reason is simple and well documented[1]Read More →

Aspire for Wisdom

For many of us, the craving and pursuit of knowledge is insatiable, we can’t seem to get enough. It is perhaps one reason we attend this site. More data, more data, more data, in a never ending absorption to know more… be smarter… expand our on board database. But what do we do with all this knowledge? I’ve often, like you I am sure, been called smart throughout my life. A very satisfying positive feedback, but is it substantive? It has been and continues to be one of the benchmarks of our society. Let’s face it; smart people garner a degree of immediate respect. SomewhereRead More →

Peter Principle at work - Monkey business leader

The Peter Principle; we’ve all experienced this phenomenon and its associated agony and frustration, be it from our superiors, colleagues or dare I say recognise it in ourselves. <The latter takes some true introspection and honesty.> A hierarchal concept first espoused by Prof. Laurence J Peter in his same named book in 1968, the nut shell brief is; “In a hierarchy every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence … in time every post tends to be occupied by an employee who is incompetent to carry out its duties … Work (actual productive work) is accomplished by those employees who have not yetRead More →

Quiver of arrows - skills

This metaphor is a favourite of mine and I have used it many times in many situations to initiate a dialogue regarding skills level. It mostly results in the same initial mystified look from the receiver(s); perhaps you’re expressing a similar reaction right now. Inevitably however, the look changes as the understanding of the imagery becomes clear. How many skills have you mastered that you can call on at any time, any place and in any situation with confidence and wield them successfully? In our professional and personal lives we are surrounded and inundated with self-help and improvement information, advice and opportunity, likely more thanRead More →