Constructive Change

The only thing constant is change” – Heraclitus
However, the frequency of this ‘constant’ has dramatically increased and being able to lead through all this change is an essential skill requiring enhancement and development. Our MSB Max program addresses the missing elements which cause > 70% of change initiatives to FAIL.

Organisational Change Skill Development

The world is more global and changing faster than ever! These outside changes necessitate internal changes to adapt and prevail. We no longer have the luxury of planning changes well in advance because they are many, varied, constant and more frequent than ever before!

Deloitte’s 2016 Capital Trends report states: we see a series of drivers coming together to create disruptive change in the business landscape.  We are in the midst of a Perfect Storm of change, which is relentless and not limited to large organisations, but affect ALL sizes and kinds! You will be experiencing this right now and may be implementing a plan to address – Yet 70% of change management plans FAIL! This is likely happening to you and you don’t know it until it’s too late.

The reasons for these change initiative failures go beyond the planning or commitment to the change(s), these are complex enough to get right, “the underlying cause is a clash of values between the organisation and the approach to and type of change it has adopted”. (Burnes & Jackson, 2001, Journal of Change Management, Vol. 11 No. 2)

The solution is to have sound and developed change leadership and alignment between your change methods and your organisation.

MSB Max can create in you and your people a perpetual readiness and ability to triumph over change, guidance in aligning your organisation with the correct types and methods to succeed in planning and managing change.


Pre-work, assessments and analysis: Allow us to customise program to your people and your organizational strategies and needs as well as align the practical exercises with your targets and goals. We commence this 2-3 weeks prior to first module.

Organisational host executive briefing – dur. approx. 1 – 2 hours: Pre-training meeting with the organisation’s host executive to completely outline the steps, discuss the participant’s assessments, reconfirm the objectives and schedule.

Coaching sessions pre & post training: dur. approx. 1 – 1 ½ hours each: These are one on one session with each individual participant. These sessions are designed to discuss their individual assessments and identify specific areas of focus for them as well as the team. This ensures each participant is focused and positioned to get maximum benefit from the program

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