Importance of Adaptability and Flexibility in Your Professional Development. Professional Journey Steps: step #19

Importance of Adaptability and Flexibility in Your Professional Development. Professional Journey Steps: step #19


How much flexibility and adaptability so you have a with changing yourself? When we think of change it is often associated with factors external to ourselves. However all positive evolution, be it personal or organisational will start with how you relate to the prospect of change. I recently read an article and watched a Ted talk by Dr. Steven Stein, clinical psychologist and author who specialises in emotional intelligence and the factors which make people successful in their careers. It reminded me of the importance our own adaptability and flexibility plays in any new or changing situation.

When we embark on our personal and professional development we will be faced with things which are different and sometimes confronting to our previous beliefs and methods, our comfort zone. To derive the best result, for our organisations and ourselves, it is imperative we allow ourselves to open up, welcome and appreciate these changes – to embrace the possibility and prospect it may modify the way we think and act, ideally for the better.

To put this in perspective, we have had a number of people over the years – fortunately only a small percentage – exhibit an almost pathological intolerance to accept new ideas or methods when participating in a training program. These instances always present a challenge, which has to be addressed straight away, both for their benefit – they’ll not grow or gain any worth from the training if they can’t be ‘reached’, and for the benefit of the other participants. If the person stays in that ‘fixed mindset’ it can have serious repercussions on the training environment and ‘growth mindset’ allowing the rest to get the most value for themselves.

There are a number of techniques used to encourage the naysayer to take the opportunity to open up and move to a growth mindset but those can be a topic for another article.

The Helpful Advice for Today’s Professional Journey Steps Edition is:

Engage with your self, tap into your self-awareness about your feelings and emotions in regard to the opportunity to embrace the development opportunity even with the prospect of altering your current beliefs or status quo comfortable methods.

Practice adaptability and being flexible in your approach and appreciation of different or new ideas. This is where growth lives and you’ll find you’ll profit from it both in your own development of additional skills as well as in your career. Studies show that the people who are able to show flexibility and adaptability in different and changing circumstances are the ones who are most successful.

Let us know your thoughts, comments and suggestions. If we can help and guide your professional development reach out. We are here to help, we do it well and its why we exist.

Enjoy the journey