Leadership, like swimming, cannot be learned by reading about it” – Henry Mintzberg
However, leadership CAN be learned and mastered through our program. The MSB Max program is designed specifically and uniquely to emphasize not only knowledge but practical application and mastery of the skills involved in being a Leader.

Leadership Skill Development

Why is Leadership so important?

Success in modern business depends on people, and in order to achieve success, people look to leaders for direction. What we need in all walks of life and all endeavors is leadership. Leadership is the catalyst which makes everything else work flawlessly, without leadership all other business resources are ineffective! Effective leadership is important because it creates confidence among the participants in an organization and encourages a professional and positive environment. It is from this foundation that all other success is possible.

The world has changed; modern leadership is an essential skill-set organisations’ require within their ranks at all levels to be able to thrive in the new era. We have moved from an Industrial economy (age) and entered the human Innovation and Information economy (age). Old leadership models based on authority, dominance,  power, Command & Control no longer work.


Simple, these old methods do not promote and sustain innovation or motivate and inspire your people! Yet this redundant approach and an imbalanced emphasis on management skills over leadership skills is still the accepted standard within most organisations.

How many times have we heard management proclaim, “Our greatest asset is our employees”? In 2015 a national survey found that 73 percent claim employees were their company’s greatest assets. This same survey found that 98 percent of executives agreed that improving employee performance would significantly increase company productivity. But when asked to rank business priorities, these same executives relegated investing in people to fifth place on a six-item list. Time has changed and to be successful you have to change – the new age requires LEADERS! You invest in them – We develop them – for You.

This program is designed to develop tangible, usable Leadership skills relevant to your specific current and future needs!


Pre-work, assessments and analysis: Allow us to customise program to your people and your organizational strategies and needs as well as align the practical exercises with your specific organisational targets and goals. We commence this 2-3 weeks prior to first module.

Organisational host executive briefing – dur. approx. 1 – 2 hours: Pre-training meeting with the organisation’s host executive to completely outline the steps, discuss the participant’s assessments, reconfirm the objectives and schedule.

Coaching session #1 pre-training: dur. approx. 1 – 1 ½ hours: These are one on one session with each individual participant. These sessions are designed to discuss their individual assessments and identify specific areas of focus for them as well as the team. This ensures each participant is focused and positioned to get maximum benefit from the program.

Coaching session post modules: One-on-One sessions for practical application of skills to the selected organisational goal/exercise. These will be scheduled after each module.

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Module 5
  • How to continue to develop and hone your new skills