MSB Max Launches First of its Kind – Cultural Renewal Program

MSB Max Launches First of its Kind – Cultural Renewal Program


We are very proud to announce the launch of our new and unique Cultural Renewal Program.

We’ve observed an enormous increase in the amount of attention and distress over disengagement and lack of commitment of employees. It is obviously a major concern for most organisations and biggest headache for Organisational Heads. Appropriately so, since this ailment leads to diminished performance, productivity & profitability (the BIG 3) as well as increased turnover, low employee satisfaction… a veritable Black Plague for organisations.

To help counter this we started doing a lot of research into the causality and potential cures for this condition. Our initial intention was to enhance our current core people development offerings; Leadership Skills, Communication Skills, Team Dynamics and Constructive Change – to further improve them with added impetus and focus on overcoming this malady.

We ended up gathering so much valuable information plus what we know from over 100 years of experience on our team, we’ve created a new program dedicated to what we consider one of, if not the main cause of this distress for organisations – a cultural divergence with their core values and strategy.

It is a common phenomenon for organisations, as they develop, to grow away from their key baseline objectives; their Vision, Purpose, Core Values, Strategic plans and goals. This all happens subtly and, as it turns out, in a majority of organisations (ref. studies avail.). As organisations go about the business of doing business the baseline elements get taken for granted – after-all they are ‘what the organisation is about’ so they should live on and grow with the organisation. Not the case!! If not constantly nurtured, supported, communicated and ‘lived’ by the leadership, then they fade and something else takes their place.

People Naturally Form Their Own Culture

A culture is the sum total of peoples’ beliefs, values, assumptions, experiences and perceptions which over time become their norm. Whenever you get two or more people together in a common environment for an amount of time they WILL form a culture – that is a fact. Here is where things have gone astray…

If the organisational baseline core points aren’t fully integrated – at ALL levels – maintained and nurtured, over time to create the desired organisational culture and foundation for people to reference, place their beliefs, trust and embrace then they are replaced with an adopted culture formed by the people. To use an analogy – if you don’t provide your people a well maintained and good quality compass to help them solidify their place and future direction then they’ll build their own compass!

When this autonomously evolved culture is out of alignment with the organisation’s core baseline elements – and there inevitably will be elements which will be – then all kinds of strife happens and the organisation starts to list like a wayward ship in a storm – and eventually will sink!! It creates frustration, disengagement, silos (micro-cultures), confusion… all bad!!

Organisational Cultural Divergence

We have created a term for this, Organisational Cultural Divergence. A growing away from the core values and preferred direction of the organisation – A divergence from the culture you THINK you have or Want to have to one you Actually have. As stated this is a natural, prolific – and stealthy – occurrence for the majority of organisations because they are so focused on other aspects of the business they don’t commit an appropriate amount of energy and attention on establishing and maintaining their preferred culture. Other ‘more important’ aspects of the organisation take precedence. The result is not pretty! You wonder why you, as a head of an organisation can’t sleep – look here first.

Cultural Divergence over time
Cultural Divergence over time



This depiction is just a visual representation, the amount of divergence will vary depending on the circumstances. Suffice it to say however, the more area under the curve the worse case for the organisation. 

There is a Solution 

MSB Max has taken all this data, research, observation and study combined with our experience and expertise and have put together what we believe is the only program of its kind available to address and bring alignment back into your organisation.

We now have a tool and method to help you bring about a cultural renewal and get your organisational Vision, Purpose, Core Values, Strategy and goals back in-sync with your organisational culture and sustain that synergy. We have devised techniques and methods to identify the gaps, guide your path back to alignment all while attaining an understanding, appreciation and value for your own culture so you can sustain it in a healthy and highly productive state ongoing.

Please contact us for more information if you would like our help and exclusive program – we exist to help you… help you.

Enjoy the journey – MSB Max team