Organisation Culture Renewal & Realignment

“Culture isn’t just one aspect of the game, it is the game. In the end, an organization is nothing more than the collective capacity of its people to create value.”                                                                                                                        Louis Gerstner, IBM

Organisation Culture Renewal & Realignment

Your organisation has a culture and this culture is arguably the most powerful aspect affecting attainment of your organisational goals and objectives – But is your current culture supporting and in line with your organisational strategy and goals? Is it in alignment with your Vision, Purpose & Values or has it slipped away, out of alignment and working against you!? Evidence states a majority of organisations are no longer in sync with their own baseline aspirations – this leads to an organisation fighting with itself and creating a confused sense of meaning, seriously and adversely affecting everything from productivity, profitability, retention… A LONG list and all bad! We can help you get re-aligned and back in sync – we can give guide you through some cultural renewal!!

Your culture is a melting pot of the sum total of all the values, beliefs, attitudes, assumptions, perceptions and behaviours shared by everyone in the organisation. It includes all their life and professional experiences since they bring those with them.

Heads of organisations set a baseline for what they hope will evolve over time into their organisational culture through establishment of their Vision, Purpose & Core Values. These are meant to be a guide and compass for all aspects and decisions within the organisation. Unchecked and without proper attention and nurturing these become out of alignment with what is actually happening – the culture that has actually evolved within the organisation. We call this very common phenomenon, Cultural Divergence. This ‘slippage’ away from the your original deliberate and intended baseline happens in all organisations and can be critical if unattended! *

Culture is an unwritten, even unspoken set of rules, which acts as a powerful force that shapes your employees’

  • Engagement – affects your peoples’ level of trust and connection with the company and leadership
  • Productivity – employees in aligned cultures are 12% more productive and in misaligned 10% less – that’s 22% range compared to norm**
  • Performance – well aligned cultures create the environment for ‘going the extra mile.’ The desire to achieve!
  • Retention – Organisations with a well aligned culture have a turnover at a mere 13.9% versus 48.4% for poor cultures.***
  • Decision Making – strong cultures create an incentive structure which guides employees’ actions and decisions when faced with unforeseen contingencies – in a word disruption.
  • Innovation & Creativity – a positive, collaborative culture leads to a feeling of safety where new ideas can be explored and flourish – you will not get this level of contribution without a supportive culture.

It’s That Potent!!! 

When was the last time you took a really good, objective and professional look at your culture and what it is doing or not doing for your organisation? Its probably time for some Cultural Renewal!

Culture Renewal & Realignment

MSB Max can help you analyse, assess, re-align, renew and revitalise your culture so it is the common thread running vibrantly through your organisation supporting, contributing and being the compass and force leading to your success internally and externally. Truly LIVE your Vision, Purpose & Values and Attain your Strategic Goals!!

* = Joint research from Duke University with Columbia University, Corporate Culture: Evidence for the Field (2016) National Bureau Economic Research (USA).

** = Department of Economics at University of Warwick

*** = Columbia University study



Our MSB Max Culture Renewal Program will help and guide you to Realign Your Culture by:

  • Provide expertise and tools to assess, fully understand and evaluate your current culture – your actual unwritten versus your aspired written culture.
  • Provide your people insight, understanding and appreciation for the What, Why, How, Who & When elements within your environment which make up the culture and the ultimate importance of Culture in an organisation – YOUR organisation
  • Impart a Full understanding of the influencers (internal and external) on Culture & Environment and attainment of skills for how to influence them
  • Compare your current culture (both aspired and actual) with your overall organisational goals and strategies to identify gaps and misalignment
  • Map out and guide the path to correct the divergence – to renew, realign and revise your culture so it is completely in-sync and supportive of your organisational strategies and goals as well as vision, purpose and core values.
  • Deliver advice and guidance for recruiting and hiring to complement and sustain the alignment of your culture

WARNING: Viewer Discretion is advised

This Program Contains Professional Assessments, Very Candid and Objective Appraisals, Content and Findings That Some Company Directors May Find Disturbing <but highly valuable and eye-opening>