Is Your Organisation’s Environment Getting Murky and No One is Noticing? Professional Journey Steps: step #18

Is Your Organisation’s Environment Getting Murky and No One is Noticing? Professional Journey Steps: step #18

Murky Environment

Have you ever noticed how a fish tank can get cloudy and murky yet the fish continue to swim around as normal? Well they do until they start to float on the top upside down.

This happens regularly in our work and professional environments as well? Are we guilty of being like these oblivious fish in our own work places? Engrossed on our own work, projects and personal agendas, heads down and bums up or worse, simply disengaged, our environment starts to change, usually not for the better, without us even noticing. As the old adage goes; ‘we can’t see the forest for the trees’, we miss lots of other things, which assault the positive productive environments we claim we want and need. We completely miss silos forming, a big picture challenge for the organisation encroaching on us, rifts or absence of creative communication and breakdowns in cooperation… our water begins to get murky and we continue to swim… unaware or uncaring.

Should we continue our myopic approach to our environment and ignore these conditional changes? Isn’t, after all, the upper management’s job to be mindful and watch out for these budding flaws, first phase cancers in our organisation’s environment?

Look Up… Speak Up

Leadership can be shown in many ways and by anyone – here is one example of exhibiting that ability. If you see something, which challenges your ‘clear water’ environment, challenge it and bring it to light. Remember however, a problem identified without a potential solution is a whinge and no one likes whingers BUT a problem identified which has been thought about and presented with a potential solution is one of the highest contributions anyone can make for their organisations success and well being.

Our MSB Max Professional Journey Step tip and strong recommendation for this edition is:

It’s everyone’s responsibility to proactively and assertively look up, pay attention, analyse and comment. If we want the best environment, culture and atmosphere in which to work and enjoy not only what we do but where and with whom you work, then do something before its too late. Contribute to the positive environment you want so you and your colleagues can thrive. When the water looks like it is starting to get murky, contribute by bring it to others attention and work on solutions. That’s how highly performing teams work and highly engaged and contented environments are formed and protected.

Your comments, feedback and input are always welcome. If you are having some trouble with any aspect of identifying or remedying your murky fish tank perhaps we can provide some guidance – contact MSB Max, we’re here to help, its what we do well and why we exist.

Enjoy your journey,