Our Method

Our Method

MSB Max deliberately takes some different approaches to help you improve. As described on our purpose page we provide five points of difference;

  1. Skill development – rather than simply heightened awareness
  2. Real R.O.I. – our system will provide you tangible, objective evidence
  3. Tailored – to your organisation and goals – designed specifically for your situation and needs
  4. Scientifically supported – our information is substantiated with the latest advancements in scientific studies and discoveries
  5. Scalable – practical for all levels to provide you consistent development and succession planning.


To make these assertions to our clients with confidence we have had to take some different approaches and bolster our programs accordingly to ensure our clients get the value of each of the above points of difference. Here is our method:


Stage 1

We pride ourselves on being able to dovetail our program with your specific situations and needs – we actually form an alliance with you and your organisation. To do this we meet with you to get a very good understanding and appreciation of your organisation’s vision, structure, strategy, history, aspirations and challenges. It is from there we approach the guidance and coaching. We use one of your already set goals / targets as the focus for our practical training exercises rather than second hand case studies or exercises from and about other organisations. This ensures two things;

  1. Relevance and familiarity for your people with the subject matter on their journey to mastering the skills
  2. Progress toward the realisation of these goals so you get double value from your training investment and people’s time.

Stage 2

We test all participants with industry best psychometric tests and evaluations. For any journey there has to be a known starting point, a journey of professional development is no different. These assessments provide our baseline so we can;

  1. Demonstrate to the participants specific identified areas for development and
  2. Prove return on investment (R.O.I.) since we’ll assess again at end of program to show an objective, independent positive variance.

Stage 3

Training modules, these take the best, most relevant and practically proven techniques, concepts and methods and deliver them in a highly interactive and engaging way to provide the foundation on which to build the skill.

Stage 4

Associated with each module in the training is a one-on-one coaching session. These are the critical parts and the difference between being more aware of concepts and actually being able to use them in practical situations for benefit and sustainability. We use the exercises we develop from Stage 1 (one or more of your goals) for the participant’s practical work and Deliberate Practice of the skills. This is how we can state we can build skill in your organisation. Skill, which you will benefit from and will help build your organisation’s successful future.

Stage 5

This is our follow up and post training brief with the Executive Host(s). We provide at this meeting;

  1. Comparative assessment analysis to compare the pre-training with the post training and demonstrate variance
  2. Outline and post training report including;
    1. how far we’ve progressed toward your goal we used for our practical skill exercises
    2. assessment of the participants’ development individually and as a group
  3. Request your specific feedback

Thank you – enjoy your guided journey toward your professional success.

Program Timings & Durations 

Our programs are designed with a high degree of flexibility for your benefit. With the objective to actually develop skill requires a certain amount of commitment both in time and cooperation. Here are some approximate timings for the courses.


Leadership Skills and Cultural Renewal: These programs are designed to be delivered in multiple comprehensive modules with each module being about 4 ½ hours in duration. There is a one-on-one coaching session with each individual participant before Module 1 and after each subsequent module.
These sessions are where we coach through the application of the skill in the practical exercise chosen from one of your goal or target challenges. Because of the diversity and number of skills involved with these programs it is suggested it be run over several months to allow enough time between module delivery for coaching and skill development through actual real life application.


Communication, Constructive Change, Team Dynamics: These programs are designed to be delivered over 2 – 2 ½ days or extended over a number of months similar to the Leadership program depending on the inherent levels within the group and complexity of the present state. We support with coaching sessions pre and post to facilitate the practical utilisation of the information and develop it into an actual retainable skill.

Scheduling can be done to match your requirements and availability.