Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team



Michael Bryden

Who is Michael Bryden?

Michael is a student of life;
Advocate for finding your authentic way;
Guide through professional peril and strife;
Helping you forge success for your tomorrow from your yesterday and today.

Michael’s purpose is to transfer his ample challenge earned knowledge and experience to others so they may benefit from all that he has learned. That is why after a career spanning thirty years in management and leadership roles in such diverse industries ranging from luxury hotels through construction, not-for-profit and traditional business executive positions he has deliberately and passionately made a change in direction… into people and organisational development. To move from helping one organisation to a position where he can help many.

Michael is co-founder of MSB Max a people and organisational development company taking an impassioned and pragmatic approach to professional advancement. His objective is to be a mentor and guide in the journey of skill growth, improvement and success for as many people as he can reach.

Michael is a sponge for learning, always learning. He has attempted to satisfy this thirst for the ‘best way’ through formal education in Physics and Psychology,  Law, Negotiations and Leadership but admits well beyond his many credentials, the majority of his awareness has come from his own study initiatives, experiments and experience. His formal education ensures that what he teaches is soundly founded in the most recent and pertinent science while his informal education ensures it is also based on real and relevant professional life.

He now wants you to benefit from this compilation – come along on the journey, he’ll ensure you benefit if you’re willing.


Sonia Bryden

Sonia’s purpose is to create positive culture and instil excellence. She is born to nurture people to become the best most positive person they can become and share that energy to create high performance, service oriented teams.

She has an incredibly successful history of fostering this positive culture, it is demonstrated and evident throughout her career and illustrated by the people she has so positively affected.

Sonia’s professional career spans finance, health and wellness and training. She has held Senior positions in finance eventually segueing into the fitness industry by purchasing and operating her own Health Club.

She continues this burning and genuine desire to deliver the best service and make a difference here with MSB Max. She brings an approach to people development driven from her core and, as described by one of her previous colleagues, an attention to detail, which is ‘microscopic’.

Sonia welcomes the opportunity to meet you and help with your future successes!


Professional Associates


Sophie Zadeh
Body Language Specialist

MSB Max is delighted to have Sophie contribute to our team. She has been indispensable in her contributions to development of our Communication program adding the vital non-verbal and body language components. Sophie will also participate with us in the delivery of these modules. Thank you and welcome Sophie!

Sophie Zadeh is passionate about improving the way people interact and communicate non-verbally. Driven by a desire to help and educate people, Sophie teaches science-based knowledge, providing her clients with an understanding of relevant and contextualised non-verbal cues and a skill set of practical tools. With over 20 years of experience within education and training, Sophie has worked with, and presented to, a diverse range of groups, working one to one, with small or large groups or presenting to large audiences at conventions. Her diverse experience, combined with an inherent creative flair, enables her to engage her audience and deliver effective, insightful training and presentations.


Anita Payne
Psychometric Testing Expert

We are thrilled to have Anita as part of our team. Her expertise in Psychometric evaluation and analysis is a critical part of our MSB Max method. Thank you and welcome Anita!

Anita Payne is founding principal of Grow Communications.  She has been involved in corporate communications and facilitating bid strategy for over 30 years.

Anita’s specialty as bid coach has helped her clients win billions of dollars in large and strategically important opportunities, where her focus is to help individuals, teams and organisations deliver peak performance outcomes.

Her key to success is based on her forensic ability to simplify complex situations, technologies and offerings and position them to appeal to decision makers’ core human values and needs.

She is accredited in use of a number of psychometric profiling tools, is a member of the International Positive Psychology AssociationInternational Coaching Federation, Neuroscience Leadership Institute, and the Australian Institute of Training and Development and holds a Lifetime Accreditation with Human Synergistics in use of their benchmarking tools for behaviour and culture, and with PsychK methods of behavioural change.


Anna Harris
Behavioural Psychologist

Anna brings an extraordinary level of experience and knowledge to our team. Anna will be overseeing the Emotional Intelligence assessment and analysis. She is providing another key component to our MSB Max method.
Thank you and welcome Anna!

Anna Harris is an experienced Behavioural Psychologist and Coach with significant expertise in providing Safety Potential Profiling, Psychological Testing for Selection and Development and Leadership Coaching Programs.

Anna has worked on a large number of significant psychological testing for selection, development and leadership coaching assignments in Perth over the last 15 years with CEO’s, CFO’s and a range of Supervisors, Senior Managers, Leaders and Emerging Leaders including the oil & gas industry

Previously, Anna worked as a Senior Consultant Psychologist for KPMG and Price Waterhouse in Sydney working with large multinational organisations.

Since 1998, Anna has worked with a broad range of organisations in Western Australia and has developed a reputation for designing and delivering high quality safety selection systems as well as executive and leadership coaching services to a range of blue chip organisations in the energy, construction, mining and oil & gas industries. In particular, Anna has conducted significant research and validation studies on Barrow Island identifying the behaviours that directly contribute to unsafe and risky behaviour.

Anna is passionate about assisting organisations to develop their leaders using state of the art and a highly valid range of leadership assessments.

Anna has been a member of the NSW Psychologists Board since 1991 and the WA Psychologists Board since 1997. She is a current member of The Psychology Board of Australia, the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency – AHPRA and The Australian Human Resources Institute.