‘Why’ provides Purpose – the most powerful motivator! Professional Journey Step: step #4

‘Why’ provides Purpose – the most powerful motivator! Professional Journey Step: step #4

‘why’ equals purpose

The best advice we can ever offer anyone in regard to motivating or inspiring a group or team, colleague or friend…. anyone, is to let them know the ‘why’ you want / need them to do something. It is without a doubt, in our experience, the most powerful tool you can use because it gives purpose for action. Let’s use a professional team scenario as an example:

You need to get the team to follow a new strategy or initiative so you outline the how, that is self-evident. However without the ‘WHY’ your results will never get to your desired level. The reason is simple and well documented[1] but so often missed or at least miss delivered. Without the why the team is likely to carry out the direction, after all that’s their job. The problem is, no one likes or is inspired by just jobs. People must be, in fact have a hierarchy of need, to have a sense of purpose. The ‘why’, properly delivered, will provide this sense of purpose and a feeling of participation, contribution and your results will most likely even surpass your expectations.

There Basic Steps to Using ‘Why’ to Give Purpose

Our helpful tip for this edition of our Professional Journey Steps is: How to deliver the ‘why’? Limited by this short post here are the basics:

  1. You’d better know and believe the ‘why’ yourself so you can be sincere
  2. Explain the WIIFM (What’s In It For Me) from their perspective, I am not referring to ‘because it’s their job’ or ‘the company benefit’ but remind them how it feels to contribute to the whole, they’ll respond favorably if you’re sincere.
  3. Use your E.I. skills[2] – connect with them and they’ll connect with you and your objective

Using the power of ‘why’ correctly and you’re well on your way to an inspired, successful team, neglect it or deliver it poorly and… well good luck!

Thank you for reading, thinking and acting positively to this snippet. Please let us know your thoughts, experiences… happy to discuss.


If we, MSB Max, can help you with how to best use the power of ‘Why’ please contact us – we’re here to help, its what we do and why we exist.

Enjoy the journey!

[1] See Simon Senek’s book ‘Start with why’ as an excellent reference

[2] See books and posts by Travis Bradbury and Daniel Goleman – both contributors and Influencers on LinkedIn.