Get on the right track with Leadership Development – The Three Determiners. Professional Journey Step: step #8

Get on the right track with Leadership Development – The Three Determiners. Professional Journey Step: step #8

No silver bullet - takes the three determiners

About ten years ago I was having a conversation with a colleague about training and development, in this case it was about service provision. I said something that just popped into my head, “this is not rocket science but there certainly is science to it…” He has since used a variation of this as a catch phrase in his own business, which I applaud. In the case of Leadership development we are in an era of incredible growth, new and exciting research and lots and lots of science. But what are we doing with all this science? Let us introduce you to the three determiners.

There are cognitive studies, neuroscience, brain mapping, positive psychology, social psychology and on and on – this is good! The interesting observation is we continue to look for a silver bullet approach or solution when it comes to using this incredible work in development programs.

In our own study and research it seems clear to us the answer lay more in a consolidation and mixed understanding and appreciation of how all these factors influence our behaviour. We are then faced with a dilemma of possible paralysis of action and direction – information overload. So here is how we see it and we welcome your input and ideas.

The Three Determiners

We, people,  are complex beings and have three main areas of influence, which I call the Three Determiners. These are associated with the different areas of our brain and how they work and interface – now here is where it opens up to interpretation, bias and opinion. These are:


Most of what we see currently in the training field goes wrong or at least a little off course. Very few, if any, take all three into account, they tend to concentrate on one area only and suggest that will make us better, solve the problems, lead to ultimate success… etc.

Even the area of E.I. has three schools of thought within its sphere; Mayer & Salovey’sAbility Model, which favours treating E.I. like other standard intelligence, Mixed Models, similar to Daniel Goleman’s research <I lean toward this model> and Trait Emotional Intelligence as prescribed by Perez, Tett, Petrides, et al. which represent predominant personality factors <this would appear to be an overlap with the bottom sphere in the diagram above>.

In fact until we, trainers / coaches, are aware of all three Determiners, understand each of their contributions and how they interact and influence us in our thinking and our behaviour, the training we develop is left wanting and incomplete. For this reason, our, MSB Max, goal was to develop a methodology that does in fact capture all three ‘determiners’ into one approach, of course they will have differing proportions but all be considered – we’ve achieved this goal and its illustrated in our five program offerings.

The helpful tip for this edition of MSB Max Professional Journey Steps is;

Become aware and appreciate the different influencers on your development. You don’t have to become an organisation Psychologist or personal Psychiatrist to gain a working knowledge and understanding of how you learn and in turn act. It’ll help immensely with your own development.

If we can assist please reach out. All our programs have this aspect built-in to enable our participants to put our everything in proper perspective and gain the best outcomes. We’re here to help, its what we do well and why we exist.

Enjoy your journey.